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April Enriquez, L.Ac.

April is a licensed acupuncturist in Virginia and a national board certified Diplomate of Acupuncture credentialed by the National Commission for the Certification of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. 


She holds a Master of Science degree in Oriental Medicine from the Virginia University of Integrative Medicine in Fairfax, Virginia where she trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Master Tung’s acupuncture and Korean Saam acupuncture.


April believes that everyone has innate abilities to heal.  She learned this when she suffered from anxiety, allergies & neck tension and was drawn to acupuncture. When she saw success in switching from prescription and over-the-counter medications to more natural solutions such as acupuncture and Chinese herbs, she knew she was on the right path.  


April has 10 years experience in multiple acupuncture clinic settings as an intern, assistant & acupuncturist. She has edited three journal articles published in the Journal of Integrative Medicine: The beginning of acupuncture in Washington DC and Maryland: An interview with Dr. Yeh-chong Chan; Dr. Ralph Coan: a hero in establishing acupuncture as a profession in the United States; and Dr. Wu: A beautiful, moving and meditative song - In memory of Dr. Jing Nuan Wu, a pioneer of acupuncture and a Chinese medicine doctor in the United States. 


She loves working with patients to overcome pain, women’s health issues as well as support overall wellness.  


She wants you to FEEL your best, so you can BE your best.


April lives in Stafford with her husband, kids and parents.  She’s a military brat who loves travelling, Tahitian dance and studying traditional healing practices.




April loves learning & continues to update her knowledge & skills in order to be a better practitioner.

Pain Relief

  • Assessment & Treatment of Acute Neck Pain

  • Diagnostic & Treatment Simplicity of Fibromyalgia: Stage 1

  • Assessment & Treatment of TMJ Pain & Dysfunction

  • Assessment & Electro-Acupuncture Treatment of Intrascapular Pain

  • Essential Skills in Managing Pain with AOM Modalities

  • Intro to EXSTORE & Electro-Acupuncture


  • Master Menstrual Diseases

  • Using Menstrual Cycle Phases to Guide Treatment

  • Menopausal Hot Flashes


  • Clean Needle Technique

  • HynoBirthing Practitioner

  • CPR/AED & FIrst Aid

  • 200 HR Yoga Teacher Training


  • Traditional Acupuncture Facial Rejuvenation

  • Facial Cupping, Facial Gua Sha & Microneedling Derma Roller

  • Light Therapies: Red and Infrared Devices

  • Microneedling for Acupuncturists

Laughing Yoga







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